As seen on TV!

Morris Fabrications Ltd have been on the TV many times, including DIY SOS, XFactor and The Gadget Show.

UKCA Marking of Steel Structures

Morris Fabrications Ltd are certified to EXC2 for CE Marking of Structural Components for Steel Structures BS EN 1090.

Metric Conversion Table

TO CONVERT MULTIPLY BY TO CONVERT MULTIPLY BY inches to mm 25.40 pounds to grams 453.6 mm to inches 0.0394 grams to pounds 0.002205 feet to metres 0.3048 pounds to kilograms 0.4536 metres to feet 3.281 kilograms to pounds 2.205 yards to metres 0.9144 tons to kilograms 1016.0 metres to yards 1.094 kilograms to tons […]

Glass information

Types of Glass Toughened Glass Toughened glass is manufactured by heating annealed glass to approximately 620 degrees Celsius and then cooled rapidly in a controlled environment. The result is a tempered panel which if broken will fragment in small relatively harmless pieces. Heat Soaked glass Heat soaking is a process that complies with BS EN […]

Unequal Angle (UEA)

Sizes and information on Unequal Angle (UEA).

Equal Angles (EA)

Sizes and information on Equal Angle (EA).

Square Hollow Section (SHS)

Sizes and information on Square Hollow Section (SHS).

Circular Hollow Section (CHS)

Sizes and information on Circular Hollow Section (CHS).

Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS)

Sizes and information on Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS).

Morris Fabrications on Hustle!

Morris Fabrications Ltd access ladder installed at The Cube in Birmingham appears on Hustle.