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Morris Fabrications Ltd are an experienced architectural metalwork company based in Birmingham. Previously trading as Morris’s (established in 1980 by John Morris), Morris Fabrications Ltd became incorporated in 2008 and has grown into a family run business with a regular annual turnover in excess of £2 million.

During our 35+ years, the industry we work in has certainly changed, however our work ethics have not. As a family-run business we always take that extra time to ensure all of our customers have a 100% positive experience. We never think ‘that’ll do’. After all, our work has our name on it! From the point of first contact, we aim to build up a successful relationship and see this through until project completion and beyond.

We are proud to be able to offer a huge range of fabricated and installed metalwork items. These include, but are not limited to; steel staircases, spiral stairs, straight stairs, access stairs, fire escape stairs, access ladders, stainless steel balustrade, mild steel balustrade, glass infill panels, perforated metal infill panels, wire rope infills, frameless glass balustrade, juliette balconies, walk-on balconies, support steelwork, secondary steelwork, general fabricated items plus much more. Find out more in our Order Xanax Online section and take a look at our Order Xanax Online Overnight.

Having always worked in the metal fabrications and installations trade, our work has seen us travel the length and breadth of the UK, installing a whole range of architectural metalwork products, including steel staircases, spiral stairs, stainless steel balustrade, support steelwork, plus much more.

Our clients include many construction companies, as well as commercial, industrial and retail businesses, organisations in the education sector and local government plus various private clients.

Some of our recent commercial clients:

Clients for which we have carried out metalwork include main contractors such as ISG, Shaylor, Sisk, Vinci and Wates plus commercial clients such as Adidas, Amazon, B&Q, Bella Italia, Bensons for Beds, BAA, BMW, Currys PC World, Harveys, Ford, intu, Jaguar Land Rover, JCB, John Lewis, Lidl, Monarch, Mothercare, Paperchase, Pret a Manger, River Island, Tesco, Wagamama plus many others.

You can find examples of our previous work in our Buy Ambien 10Mg.

Our on-site and factory staff are all experienced metalworkers and hold relevant certifications and qualifications including CSCS, PASMA, IPAF etc. Read more about Buy Generic Soma Online.

As a company we are able to offer Buy Ambien For Cheap to EXC2 and are also a SMAS Worksafe Contractor (SSIP).

We have our own in-house draughtsman allowing us to provide detailed CAD drawings, as well as 3D images.