Glass Juliette Balcony

A glass juliette (or juliet) balcony is great for inward opening doors in bedrooms etc. It allows a clear view out from the room and brings the outside in. Designed to building regulations, the balcony will achieve 1100mm (1.1m) high.

We are able to supply many different types (frameless, wall flanged, framed, click view), however as a steel fabricator, special ‘bespoke’ options can easily be manufactured. These may be supply only or supply and fit. As a general rule we suggest a lead time of 10 working days for wall flanged and framed balconies and 15 working days for frameless glass juliet balcony.


As seen on “Big House, Little House”.
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Frameless Glass Juliette Balcony

For our frameless glass juliette balcony, we supply a toughened laminated panel (17.5mm up to 2400mm, 21.5mm up to 3000mm) with holes to suit (4 (up to 1500mm) or 6 (over 1500mm)). Glass adaptors are made from stainless steel grade 316 with a satin polish and are fixed vertically along the two sides. A 1500mm wide panel will have 4 nr adaptors – anything above this will require 6 nr.

Once installed, the end result is a completely frameless juliette / juliet look with no rails etc obstructing your view and allowing the outside in. It is designed to comply with the latest British Standards and Building Regulations (deflection, loadings, stresses etc). We can supply a glazing report to confirm the glass complies with this. You should always speak to a suitable engineer to confirm the fixing details on your specific project.

We suggest a maximum panel size of 3000mm (to suit a 2700mm opening). For anything above this we would suggest our framed option.

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You can view prices and purchase your frameless glass juliette balcony direct at our Balustrade.Glass website.

Wall Flanged Glass Juliette Balcony

An alternative to the frameless option is our wall flanged juliette balcony. This option involves having a stainless steel slotted tube with 4 nr wall flanges. This system allows the width and height to be variable. The glass sits within the slotted tube and is not held in place by glass clamps. Generally the maximum width will be just over 2m.

The tube can be used top and bottom (horizontally) or left and right (vertically). The flanges are available either round or square and are chemically anchored to the wall (hidden). The round slotted tube can be 42mm or 48mm dia. The toughened glass panels slot into the tube with a rubber gasket and the glass sizes range from 8-21.5mm.

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You can view prices and purchase your wall flanged glass juliette balcony direct at our Balustrade.Glass website.

Framed Glass Juliette Balcony

Our third option is a framed glass juliette balcony and is generally used for larger openings. It consists of a 48mm dia top and bottom rail with 4 nr baluster brackets. An extra supporting bracket is usually added at the middle point of the bottom rail. If this bottom mid-support bracket is not possible, then you would either add a vertical infill post in the middle, or one at either end. This ties in the top and bottom rails. The toughened glass infill panels (10-12mm thick) are held in place with stainless steel glass clamps with suitable rubbers.

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You can view prices and purchase your framed glass juliette balcony direct at our Balustrade.Glass website.


We have produced an installation guide for our frameless glass juliette balconies for your information, however you may like to talk to us about one of our experienced installations teams to carry out the work on your behalf. Having traveled across the UK installing all types of architectural metalwork, including frameless glass balustrade and juliette balconies, they have all the necessary experience and expertise to successfully complete the work to a high standard. All of our fitters are employed directly by us and have all the required equipment within in our fully liveried vehicles, as well as having all insurances and Health & Safety training.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your options.

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