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Designer floating staircase with glass treads.

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Metalwork package including stainless steel balcony balustrade and hand/wall rail in Wolverhampton.

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A glossary of terms, often associated with stainless steel. active The surface has lost its ability to resist corrosion (the passive state) under the prevailing conditions annealing A softening heat treatment done to restore machinability or cold formability, usually following cold working. Solution annealing dissolves precipitated particles (eg carbides, sigma phase) to optimise corrosion resistance. […]

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DURBAR is a non-slip raised pattern floor plate of integral manufacture (the pattern is rolled in not welded). The “tear drop” studs are distributed to give maximum slip resistance in a variety of applications whilst ensuring a free draining surface. The nominal gauge of DURBAR is the thickness of the plain plate exclusive of pattern. […]