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inches to mm 25.40 pounds to grams 453.6
mm to inches 0.0394 grams to pounds 0.002205
feet to metres 0.3048 pounds to kilograms 0.4536
metres to feet 3.281 kilograms to pounds 2.205
yards to metres 0.9144 tons to kilograms 1016.0
metres to yards 1.094 kilograms to tons 0.0009842
sq inches to sq mm 645.2 UK tons to tonnes 1.0160
sq mm to sq inches 0.00155 tonnes to UK tons 0.9842
sq feet to sq metres 0.0929 pounds per cubic foot to kilograms per cubic metre 16.018
sq metres to sq feet 10.76
sq yd to sq metres 0.8361 kilograms per cubic metre to pounds per cubic foot 16.9
sq metres to sq yd 1.196
ounces to grams 28.35
grams to ounces 0.03527

Information above should be used as a guide only.