Monarch AEL Hangar

Monarch AEL Hangar

Client: Monarch Aircraft Engineering (MAEL) Main contractor: Sisk Project: New aircraft maintenance facility Location: Birmingham International Airport (BHX) Duration: 4 months Completed: October 2013 Details: Work on our second aircraft hangar at Birmingham International Airport started in summer 2013. We were originally brought in to install steel windposts as part of the new state of […]

Metric Conversion Table

TO CONVERT MULTIPLY BY TO CONVERT MULTIPLY BY inches to mm 25.40 pounds to grams 453.6 mm to inches 0.0394 grams to pounds 0.002205 feet to metres 0.3048 pounds to kilograms 0.4536 metres to feet 3.281 kilograms to pounds 2.205 yards to metres 0.9144 tons to kilograms 1016.0 metres to yards 1.094 kilograms to tons […]

Glass Juliette Balcony

Various types of glass juliette juliet balconies including frameless glass, stainless steel framed and wall flanged for supply only or supply and fit.