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The Cube (Back of House)

Due to the programme of works carried out at The Cube, we have broken down the project into front and back of house. This page is dedicated to back of house. You can ready more about Buy Xanax Canadian Pharmacy.

Client: BuildAbility
Project: The Cube | Development of new apartments, offices, shops and restaurants
Location: The Cube (The Mailbox final phase), Birmingham City centre
Duration: 36 months
Completed: Early 2011
Details: We have been involved in the design, fabrication, supply and installation of various works within and around The Cube as detailed below:

  • Steel staircases
  • Key clamp guardrail
  • Mild steel balustrade
  • Mild steel handrail
  • Link bridge
  • Access ladders
  • Support steelwork
  • Shuttering angles, kick plates
  • Bracketry
  • Vehicle barriers
  • Door, gates, railings
  • Cycle stand/racks