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Snow Hill

Client: Wragge & Co LLP
Main contractor: Wates Construction
Project: New office development
Approx value: £75,000
Location: Snow Hill, Birmingham City Centre
Duration: 5 months
Completed: March 2014
Details: A stunning two flight staircase is without doubt the main feature of this new development within the exciting 2 Snow Hill building. We also carried out various other works, which kept us on site for just under 6 months.

  • Feature staircase between levels 13 and 14, with frameless glass balustrade either side with stainless steel rail, burnish finish mild steel stringers, plus European Oak treads with stainless steel inlays and glass riser infills
  • Special black stainless steel cladding to underside of stairs and gallery
  • Gallery balustrade; toughened glass panels resin fixed into base channel with stainless steel handrail
  • Glass wall
  • Internal bridge steelwork
  • Concrete infills to bridge and void
  • Various metal fabricated items and small steelwork

Detailed drawings, calculations and vibration reports were all required during this project.

** Award Winning **
Buy Xanax Powder