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River Island

Client: River Island
Project: Customer staircases, balustrade, stainless steel wall rail, steelwork
Location: New and refurbished retail units across the UK
Duration: Various, to meet programme
Completed: Ongoing
Details: Morris Fabrications Ltd are proud to be an established supplier to well-known high street brand, River Island.

We regularly carry out metalwork projects at both new and refurbished units across the UK. Tight programmes and value for money are regularly on the agenda.

Locations at which we have been involved in, include; Worthing, Chester, Bradford (The Broadway), Newport (Friars Walk), Rugby, Nottingham, Birmingham (Bullring) and Preston.

Works undertaken;

  • New customer staircases with bespoke fabricated balustrade (powder coated mild steel uprights, vertical infill bars and/or glass infill panels plus stainless steel top rails, both round and square)
  • Stainless steel wall rail
  • Gallery balustrade
  • Hinged glass gates with stainless steel hinges
  • Back of house steel staircases with flat stringers and checker plate treads
  • Shopfront signage
  • Various secondary steelworks to shopfront and within unit
  • Lift shaft support beams and trimmers
  • Removal of secondary steelwork
  • plus various other metalwork items