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Paperchase Glasgow

Client: Paperchase
Project: New flagship store
Location: Buchanan Street, Glasgow
Duration: 3 months
Completed: March 2013

We have worked across England for Paperchase and there was no change when we called in to work at their new flagship store in Buchanan Street, Glasgow.

The design team really pushed the boundaries with some bold and exciting works – we were just as eager as them to get started.

The work was on an accelerated programme and we were pushed to complete ready for their spectacular store opening event!

Update; The Paperchase Glasgow store has been shortlisted in the Buy Zolpidem Europe. The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony, held at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London on 31st October 2013.

Generic Ambien Pics

It is to the left that the store’s real drama reveals itself, however. Midway along the wall is the staircase that leads to the first floor, which is a thing of concrete, glass and steel beauty. Unusually, this contemporary Palladian-style staircase is not anchored to the floor, but is instead suspended by hefty steel ropes from the ceiling. Glasgow’s metro, aka ‘The Clockwork Orange’, runs directly beneath the store and by suspending the staircase it is hoped that in-store vibrations felt from it will be minimised – the structure touches the floor only via rubber pads.

Update; The Paperchase Glasgow store was announced winner in the Non-Food Design of the Year and more importantly Cheap Ambien! Congratulations to all involved!

“It’s been another tough year for retailers, but this has had no effect upon the quality or the quantity of the entrants for the Retail Week Interiors Awards in 2013. Paperchase’s Grand Prix triumph as UK Retail Interior of the Year was richly deserved, but overall this was a field of winners that really does show what retailers, store designers and shopfitters at the top of their game are capable of.”

Our works included;

  • Feature staircase, twin curved stringers with plain plate treads and ultra-fine black GRP anti-slip coverings and white nosings. Fixed from ceiling with stainless steel tension rods and sitting on acoustic isolation pads
  • Frameless glass balustrade curved to stairs plus gallery – resin fixed into stair stringers with toughened glass infill panels with square stainless steel slotted tube top rail
  • Fabricated sprinkler pipework under stairs
  • Art flooring – including steelwork frame and toughened laminated glass flooring
  • Display framework
  • Scenic lift shaft steel framework
  • Ceiling grid framework
  • Ships ladder
  • Shopfront steelwork
  • Various fabricated metalwork items, including gates, shelf angles, signage and bracketry

More images can be found on the Order Phentermine Canada.