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Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)

Client: The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)
Main contractor: Wates Construction
Project: New research facility
Approx value: £750,000
Location: Ansty Park, Coventry
Duration: 18 months
Completed: September 2015
Details: Morris Fabrications Ltd were extremely privileged to be selected as a sub-contractor on this particularly exciting project.

The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) represents one of the largest public sector investments in manufacturing for many years and is housed in a 12,000 square metre purpose built facility at Ansty Park, Coventry.

With industry experts continuously visiting this site, it was extremely important that our work stood up to their keen eyes – a challenge we were more than happy to accept!

Our works, when complete, will include;

  • Pedestrian walkway across lake, spanning 37m including frameless glass balustrade to both sides (green tinted toughened laminated glass and stainless steel handrail)
  • Feature staircase with walnut stained oak treads and frameless glass balustrade
  • Stainless steel balustrade with wire rope infills to terrace area
  • Various galvanied steel staircases
  • Maintenance access staircases to roof
  • Many metres of key clamp balustrade
  • Fabricated steel trimmers to various locations
  • Various metal fabricated items and secondary steelwork such as lifting beams, fascia panels etc.

Detailed drawings and calculations were all required during this project.