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Client: Mothercare
Project: Steel staircase, stainless steel balustrade, frameless glass balustrade, stainless steel wall rail, glass gates, various metalwork
Location: New and refurbished retail units across the UK
Duration: Various, to meet programme
Completed: Ongoing
Details: Morris Fabrications Ltd are regularly involved in the metalwork at Mothercare stores across the UK.

On all projects we are required to work closely with the main contractor to ensure we meet the tight programme dates set by the client. Obviously a high quality finish and full compliance with the latest building regulations are always required.


  • Two new customer staircases with frameless glass balustrade and stainless steel wall rail
  • Frameless glass balustrade to mezzanine gallery
  • Back of house steel staircase with flat stringers and checker plate treads
  • Secondary steel – removal and alterations of existing, plus supply of new (various)
  • Lift shaft support beams
  • plus various other metalwork items


  • New back of house staff staircase with checker plate risers, wall rail to one side, balustrade to other
  • Frameless glass balustrade in an ‘L’ shape on shop floor, with toughened glass fixed within base fixed aluminium U-channel and 42mm dia stainless steel slotted tube top rail
  • Frameless glass gate with stainless steel post, toughened glass panel, stainless steel hinges and magnetic latch to floor


  • Frameless glass balustrade to staircase, with aluminium U-channel based fixed to stair PFC stringer, toughened glass and 42mm dia stainless steel slotted tube top rail
  • Stainless steel wall rail (42mm dia), with stainless steel wall rail brackets
  • Frameless glass balustrade to mezzanine gallery, with toughened laminated glass fixed within base fixed aluminium U-channel and 60mm dia stainless steel slotted tube top rail @ 1600mm high
  • Folded stainless steel fascia panels to gallery balustrade


  • Stainless steel balustrade to staircase and gallery, with 48mm dia stainless steel upright posts, 42mm dia stainless steel top rail and 10mm toughened glass infill panels
  • Various fabricated steel bracketry


  • Frameless glass balustrade to staircase and gallery with base fixed aluminium U-channel, toughened glass panels and 42mm dia stainless steel slotted tube top rail


  • Fabricate and install new steel staircase with mid-landing and support posts
  • 42mm dia grade 304 stainless steel balustrade up stairs and around gallery
  • 42mm dia grade 304 stainless steel hand/wall rail up stairs and around gallery
  • Toughened laminated glass infill panels


  • 42mm dia grade 304 stainless steel balustrade up stairs and around gallery
  • 42mm dia grade 304 stainless steel hand/wall rail up stairs and around gallery
  • Toughened laminated glass infill panels


  • 2 nr glass gates with stainless steel SHS posts, hinges and latches


  • 2 nr glass gates with stainless steel SHS posts, hinges and latches


  • 2 nr glass gates with stainless steel SHS posts, hinges and latches


  • 2 nr glass gates with stainless steel SHS posts, hinges and latches


  • Steel goal post framework
  • 2 nr glass gates with stainless steel SHS posts, hinges and latches
  • Fabricated steel support frames

Bexley Heath:

  • Removal of existing stairs
  • Reinstate balustrade as required, following removal of staircase
  • Fabricated steel support frames

…plus other branches across the UK!