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Monarch AEL Hangar

Client: Monarch Aircraft Engineering (MAEL)
Main contractor: Sisk
Project: New aircraft maintenance facility
Location: Birmingham International Airport (BHX)
Duration: 4 months
Completed: October 2013
Details: Work on our second aircraft hangar at Birmingham International Airport started in summer 2013.

We were originally brought in to install steel windposts as part of the new state of the art facility, however this was quickly increased to include;

  • Further mild steel windposts with fabricated base and top plates
  • Various bespoke fabricated metalwork items including door post restraints, compartment wall head restraints, continuous angle, channel support posts, column barriers, plus other items
  • 2 nr internal galvanised steel staircases used with the maintenance building. Each with handrail standards balustrade to both sides, checker plate treads with contrasting nosings
  • Handrail standards to mezzanine floor gallery
  • Stainless steel balustrade with glass infill panels to 2 nr internal stairs

At the start of the project we were required to supply detailed drawings and calculations, during the works detailed RAMS and at the project end, O&M manual with all sign-off sheets.

You can find further images on the Order Phentermine Canada [external link] and also a Buy Xanax Netherlands [external link] showing how the building came together.