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Engineering Facility

Client: Jaguar Land Rover
Main contractor: Wates Construction
Project: New engineering facility
Approx value: £250,000
Location: Warwickshire
Duration: 10 months
Completed: May 2017
Details: Having enjoyed a long relationship with JLR, working over many different sites in the Midlands and Oxfordshire, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work on this exciting new engineering facility. Our works included, but were not limited to;

  • Internal feature staircase with double stringers, frameless glass balustrade and stainless steel handrails
  • Various external steel staircases, with flat stringers, tubular balustrade with stainless steel handrail, Elefant grating treads
  • Galvanised plant room stairs and access ladders
  • Galvanised ships ladders (up and over plant)
  • Various secondary steelwork
  • On site fabricated items and alterations to existing works

The Fen End site is the new base for JLR’s vehicle operations team, having previously being split over three locations. With around 300 engineers, the 200-acre former RAF Honiley airfield is sure to become a great addition to the JLR operation.