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Alpha Tower

Client: Midland Metro Alliance
Main contractor: DP Designs
Project: New office staircase
Approx value: <£50,000
Location: Birmingham City Centre
Duration: 6 weeks
Completed: August 2017
Details: This office refurbishment required a 2-flight steel staircase for its staff and visitors. With it being located in the middle of this new modern office, it needed to look the part. With its crisp white finish and sleek frameless glass balustrade, we feel we achieved this.

  • Twin 250x10mm flat stringers
  • Folded plain plate treads with glass risers
  • 150×75 PFC mid-landing with 88.9mm dia CHS support posts
  • Metalwork all powder coated white (RAL 9010)
  • Frameless glass balustrade with toughened glass and 42mm dia stainless steel slotted channel tube handrail
  • plus stainless steel balustrade for maintenance access to window