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Client: Uniqlo
Main contractor: ISG
Project: Grand feature staircase
Location: Oxford Street, London
Duration: 3 months
Completed: December 2015
Details: Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer, Uniqlo, instructed ISG to carry out a major renovation of their Oxford Street flagship store during 2015. As well as redevelopment of the existing store, two additional floors and a new roof terrace were also developed.

Morris Fabrications Ltd were required to carry out various works, including;

  • Grand feature staircase with laser cut steel risers, folded tray treads, water jetted GRP flooring to landings, including glass bricks for lighting, plus bespoke wrought iron balustrade
  • Matching gallery balustrade
  • Internal steel staircase
  • External galvanised steel staircase
  • Secondary steelwork
  • Various fabricated metalwork items

Detailed 3D renders were produced in house by Morris Fabrications Ltd, following intense design meetings (video conferencing direct to Japan). Structural calculations were also required.