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Tenbury Wells

Client: Tesco
Main contractor: ISG
Project: New supermarket
Approx value: £75,000
Location: Tenbury Wells
Duration: 5 weeks
Completed: February 2017
Details: This new Tesco store in Tenbury Wells required fencing but didn’t want to use a standard design. This exciting multi-coloured mistletoe effect was carefully designed and planned with the clients representatives and local council, before being fabricated at our production facility in Birmingham. The mistletoe shapes and letters were laser cut to ensure an accurate finish. The final stage was for it all to be galvanised and powder coated.

As well as installing the metalwork frames, we also fabricated and fitted external stainless steel balustrade, curved to suit.

The balustrade was manufactured from 48.3mm dia stainless steel upright posts, with 12mm dia horizontal running rails and 42.4mm dia stainless steel top rail.