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Client: RCMA Group
Main contractor: RCMA Group
Project: New steel staircases, walkways, platforms
Approx value: £100,000
Location: Stratford-upon-Avon
Duration: 12 weeks
Completed: November 2018
Details: Requiring various steel staircases, walkways and platforms, Morris Fabrications Ltd supplied, fabricated and fitted items including;

  • Internal office staircase, all powder coated finish, 2-flights, with flat stringers, folded aluminium treads, stainless steel wall rails
  • Internal staircase, all galvanised finish, 2-flights, with flat stringers, open grille flooring treads, handrail standards balustrade
  • External steel staircase, all galvanised and powder coated green, 3-flights, with flat stringers, galvanised punched treads with yellow nosings, balustrade with upright posts, stainless steel running rails and top rail
  • Steel walkways and platforms, including framework and open grille flooring, key clamp handrails, all galvanised finish