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John Lewis – Grand Central

Client: John Lewis Partnership
Main contractor: ISG
Project: Feature staircase
Approx value: £75,000
Location: Grand Central, Birmingham City Centre
Duration: 6 months
Completed: September 2015
Details: Morris Fabrications Ltd were extremely privileged to be selected by ISG to supply, fabricate and fit John Lewis’ new feature staircase at Grand Central, Birmingham.

Following thorough design meetings, detailed drawings, calculations and 3D images, we were able to start manufacture. Highlights from the stair manufacture include:

Grand Central has undergone a massive overhaul as part of the New Street Station Gateway Plus redevelopment. The mall has been redesigned with a glass atrium roof as centrepiece, and be home to 60 stores across 500,000 sq ft with John Lewis as main anchor tenant. Many of the shops, restaurants and cafés will be new to the city including Cath Kidston, The White Company, Kiehls and Giraffe. It opened in September 2015 along with the modernised New Street Station.

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