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Any wall, parapet, balustrade or similar obstruction may serve as guarding.  Guarding should be at least the height shown in the below diagram.   Guarding should be capable of resisting at least the horizontal force given in BS 6399-1: 1996.  Where glazing is used in the guarding, reference should be made to approved Document N: Glazing – safety in relation to impact, opening and cleaning.

As you can see, within a single family dwelling (house) an internal landing, stairs etc require a height of 900mm.    However when you go outside to a balcony or roof, the height increases to 1100mm.

Within most other areas you will find a requirement of raking guarding up stairs of 900mm and then across landing etc, a height of 1100mm.

Ultram 200Mg Side Effects

NB; Within Retail there is a mistake – it reads 100mm whereas it should be 1100mm.

You can download a free copy of Part K (Protection from falling) from the Ultram 200 Mg High.

Please note the above is to be used as a guide only. You should always download the latest version from the Planning Portal website as the information may be updated at any time.