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If we supply a staircase to you, then you will generally require a balustrade also.

To one side of the stairs it may be balustrade and the other wall rail, or it may be balustrade or wall rail to both sides.

Type of balustrade include;

  • Stainless steel uprights with glass infill panels
  • Stainless steel uprights with perforated infill panels
  • Mild steel uprights with perforated infill panels
  • Galvanised steel uprights with mesh infills
  • Upright posts with a top and mid rail (used for maintenance or occasional use where there are no children)
  • Upright posts with vertical infill bars
  • Frameless glass balustrade

It is important to remember that if children may use the stairs then there should be no gap bigger than 100mm.

Being experienced architectural metalworkers, we are able to manufacture and install various types of balustrading at our factory in Birmingham.

Want to know more? Please Ultram 200Mg Side Effects.

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